Alex… It takes restarts to show the boot menu. Remove it from the laptop and install back in. Can you show me some link or pictures… Thanks for your help. Separate the switch board cover from the top cover using a guitar pick or any other piece of soft plastic. I use windows 7.

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Alex… It takes restarts to show the boot menu. Other manufacturers recalled this laptop, HP, Dell but not Acer. Pierre Champoux, I think you have motherboard related failure. No smell and everything still seems to be working qspire. Acer aspire 5520 icw50 will try again though to locate the CMOS battery. Loosen four screws securing the heatsink assembly, carefully separate it from the processor and remove from the laptop.

The Buyer’s Guide Find it, aceg it and tell us how you really feel. Kindly give me suggestion to sort out this problem thanks in advance…. Mehraan Sayed, Would you know what that little notch to slide to the left to unlock the laptop screen acer aspire 5520 icw50 be called or identified as?

The only 3 problems I have are 1: My problem is similar to Mr.

Acer Aspire G – External Reviews

No data discs were sent with the laptop. I did the removing and reinstalling the device. As soon as Windows 7 start, I loose power. The problem came while I was acer aspire 5520 icw50 from Vista acer aspire 5520 icw50 7.


David, I want to format apire laptop and load a new operating system on it but it could not do, first of all i set the first booting device on CD ROM and second booting device on flopping derive, i put on the XP Service pack2 CD on the drive it refuse picking up, it only blank Screen will be display on the Laptop screen.

Hello acer and the hard drve went bad i picked up a new one but it wont mount and cant run a cd or usb to acer aspire 5520 icw50 an operation program.

If one of the USB ports still works but 2 other ports do not work, probably this is hard ware related issue.

If yes, most likely they are attached to a separate USB board not motherboard. When i try to go into bios it asks for the password. There is no light in WI-FI icon.

I bought another notebook and I will sell the acer for spare parts. I cannot see the cmos battery, everything the same but the battery. I upgraded the BIOS. aapire

Somewhere towards the back. Did you have any problem with the DVD drive before? I finally had to give up too time consuming and would have to get lawyer but maybe someone else will. Please also reply on my email… Muti. Or the technician that my sister recommended changed acer aspire 5520 icw50 Hi there, Firstly your website is amazing — helped me many times.


I have an acer aspire Can a faulty or dyeing cmos battery affect the laptop from recognizing the Optical drive, I have power to the drive as I can open it and light flashes. And finally acer aspire 5520 icw50 at attempt by itself. If one of the modules is bad, the laptop should start properly when you remove it.

Acer Aspire 5520

I tried to acer aspire 5520 icw50 usb ports drivers an reinstall them but no luck. I am really frustated now. If I use a pin to open it, the motor stop and if I close it, it start again. That’s okay though because you can add your own review and asprie feature it here.