For more information, contact Our Customer Support Center. Follow the procedures on the following pages when copies are not stapled or when staples are bent. Index Index Numerics Annotation When scanning documents of different sizes, the machine automatically detects the size of each document. Maintenance You can initialize the hard disk or delete data recorded in the machine.

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Using the Telephone Once the connection is made, you can carry out the telephone call. System Administrator Settings You can set the system administrator ID and system administrator password for entering System Administration mode. The implementation was written so as to conform with Netscapes SSL. Paper Jams Paper Jams in Trays fuji xerox document centre c360 to 4 The guji describes how to clear paper jams that occur on trays 1 to 4.

Auto Start This configuration auto starts a Job Flow on a document when that document is stored in a mailbox. Select the paper size. Cleaning the Machine Cleaning the Document Feeder Rollers If the machine is equipped with a exrox feeder and the document feeder rollers are dirty, dirt may appear on copies fuji xerox document centre c360 the paper jams may occur.

Duplex module This fuji xerox document centre c360 provides 2 sided duplex printing. Select [Public Mailbox] of [Save in]. Output Format Read Status MDN Under the e-mail feature, you can configure mail send results to tell you cetre the recipient has read the message. For information about each of these features, refer to the sections listed below.


Page 10 Paper and Other Media Load and align the edge of the paper against the front left edge of the tray with the side to be copied or printed on facing up. Paper Jams If paper is jammed inside the fuser unit, lift up the green lever and remove the jammed paper.

Polling Retrieving Documents from Remote Machines Overview of Features Transparency Separators A blank sheet of paper is automatically inserted as a separator each time that a transparency is printed. Make the document size the minimum size that combines documeng active coordinate area from the active coordinate determining method and the active coordinate obtained by the settings of Origin Position and Paper Trouble during Copying Trouble during Copying Describes solutions for problems encountered during copying.

Fuji xerox document centre c360 the date format.

Select [Features Allocation], and select [Change Settings]. Machine Status 13 Machine Status This chapter describes the fuji xerox document centre c360 for checking the machine status. Redistributions of source code must retain the above copyright notice, this list of conditions and the following disclaimer.

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Network Settings Protocol Settings Set the parameters required for communications. Stored programming not only remembers feature settings, but also fuji xerox document centre c360 record a series of operations.

When reading this guide, read the chapter that is of particular relevance to the operation you are performing.


Settings List – Common Items You can check the hardware configuration of the machine, and network information, and the print feature and copy feature setting status. Select the [E-mail Address] to delete.

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If paper is torn while it is being removed from the machine, remove all torn pieces fuji xerox document centre c360 sure that none remain inside the machine. Cause The document guides fuji xerox document centre c360 in an incorrect position.

Trouble during fax Action Refer to “Trouble during Fax” Force Delete Ignore the settings for each individual mailbox, and when a document is retrieved from a mailbox, forcibly delete it.

Once deleted, the data cannot be restored. It is recommended that you include moisture prevention packets. Respond appropriately to the crntre code. A Job Flow operates on documents stored in a mailbox, and are started in the following ways: A message also is displayed on the touch screen. Step 1 Entering System Administration Mode Side 1 Only The setting is applied to only to Side 1 of the document.