These cables fit this bill to a T. I cannot speak highly enough of JW audio. First, I will review the speaker cables. The system they were put into was comprised of the following: That was easily solved by getting the unterminated solid core speaker cable which was excellent in every way. Never have I felt the conversation being rushed like I do with many people in the audio business especially with those who have just scored a sale off of you.

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Once placed in the system I could not believe what I was hearing. Tone colors and instrument timbres are very realistic sounding. Cables I am submitting my impressions of the RCA j&w audio Jw audio cryo nebula and j&w audio speaker cables Jw audio cryo nova. They will let you hear exactly what your amp and front end are doing.

Very clean, tight bass with no bloating at j&w audio. First ordered the speaker cable from John, arrived 4 days later. The break-in time is minimal – they sounded great right aufio of the box.

I went 48hrs to assure that you get a cable that sounds beautiful as soon j&w audio you connect it. I would never tell anybody J&w audio know how much I spent on that thing. I will not venture to say these are the best cables that you will ever hear nor that you will even like them.


Patience paid off big time. After reading these reviews on Audiogon, I decided to give them a try.

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j&w audio Excellent review, and certainly a “stupid good” product as you stated. I have also found the same to be true for me with the JW speaker cables in my system After a couple of days I settled down for some serious listening and was very, very pleased with what I heard.

I purchased the 1. Tone colors and j&w audio timbres j&w audio excellent. I had to pick up my jaw from his living room floor. Argentum Acoustics Mythos – X My mission is to produce a aidio superior cable and IC at a price point that defies logic.

J&w audio the IC’s were first inserted the images were locked onto the speakers with minimal center fill. In particular, high frequency range notes are much clearer and display less distortion. Lahave Audio Khara Speaker Review: Nice j&w audio you have there Jaymark!


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I have pre-twisted the cable for you, which does a few things. And I saved literally thousands to put towards the crazy stupid priced J&w audio. I cued up my list of favorite songs and played this file all j&w audio long and during the day while at work.

j&w audio Lots of clarity, speed and energy, without tonal colorations that I have found using other speaker cables. Website Builder provided by Vistaprint.

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The mids are as neutral as it gets. Thank you guys very much.

More to discover Review: If you prefer no termination, let me know. Nothing j&w audio accentuated across the frequency spectrum. The music comes out effortlessly with an impressive amount of air and space in recordings that I know have it. My goal is to provide an Auio Audiophile quality speaker cable at a very affordable price. The highs are pristine and j&w audio extended.