Overall In general this is a good gaming keyboard that needs some better design techniques and some more spunk to get it to the next level, however for the price still makes it a good buy. Sure the MCE functionality is the prime focus of the keyboard and in that case the keyboard passed with flying colors. The response time of the keyboard is actually one of the more positive aspects of the keyboard as it seems extremely consistent and very accurate. Designed for low light conditions. Six Programmable Gaming Hot Keys: The keys are on the softer side and for me I find that style of key to be extremely comfortable for writing up documents like this review.

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Microsoft and Razer have released a great keyboard, but it falls short in satisfying our gaming needs. There’s also a detachable wrist rest for maximizing microsoft reclusa keyboard and ergonomics.

Six Programmable Gaming Hot Keys: This would be really microsoft reclusa keyboard for anyone into flight simulators for example. For whatever reason Razor didn’t bother to give you way to turn the back lighting off with the keyboard driver.

Microsoft Reclusa gaming keyboard reviewed

Well Microsoft has now teamed up with Razer one of the leaders in gaming peripherals to bring the Microsoft reclusa keyboard Reclusa Gaming Keyboard to the market to try and get Microsoft there foot in the door.

Designed for low light conditions. Reduces key latency maximizes response. This to me is odd because with the Microsoft Microsoft reclusa keyboard mouse Razor did include in its driver a way to turn the mouse lighting off.


Two USB hubs can handle modest input devices. This newsletter may contain advertising, deals, or affiliate links.

Facebook 0 Twitter Tumblr Pinterest 0 0 Likes. Get Our Best Stories! Microsoft really for the most part has stayed microsoft reclusa keyboard from prospect of a gaming keyboard and left competitors like Logitech take the market by storm.

So the general use of the Reclusa is actually pretty impressive as we all know Microsoft has been successful with this market ksyboard the past and microsoft reclusa keyboard feel of the keyboard for typing is actually smooth. Will you be switching to Windows 8?

Microsoft Reclusa Gaming Keyboard Review — DarkStation

This means if you plug any USB 2. Soft and cushy keys.

The only other bad things I see with this microsoft reclusa keyboard is that the black shiny part where the Microsoft recousa sits is a real pain to keep clean. In general however this is rwclusa nice approach and will work for an microsoft reclusa keyboard environment who may get a few games put in after hours. Also in terms of complexity the macros you can setup are to simplified for example you are stuck with fixed values for your delays that you can then put into your macros.

Does the alliance with Razer bolster Microsoft’s position in the crowded and competitive gaming hardware industry? Sure the MCE functionality is the prime focus of the keyboard and in that case the keyboard passed with flying colors. Along with the delay problem I don’t see any way at all to make the macros be able to emulate any mouse buttons. I can microsoft reclusa keyboard people trying to hit l4 and also hitting l5 along with it because they are that close and no space to separate them.


I love video microsoft reclusa keyboard and I love writing and talking about them even more. Store your macros onto five different profiles with the Razer Reclusa Configurator to suit your gaming needs. Now onto the Customizable Gaming controls.

Microsoft Reclusa Gaming Keyboard Review

Next on the list of features is the Profile management. Will we receive the microsoft reclusa keyboard reaction from the new Reclusa gamers keyboard? On the gaming side of things the Reclusa is just a pretty standard form of a gaming keyboard with no new bells or whistles.

Wireless Power Is Coming. Ergonomically designed for microsoft reclusa keyboard comfort.

Also helping the keyboard not to move are the rubber feet under the keyboard, they really do grab nicely. Microsoft reclusa keyboard the good side of things this keyboard is well built, the keyboard to me seems microsoft reclusa keyboard it weighs more then other keyboards I have.

Lets go through the daily use of the Reclusa Gaming Keyboard kejboard we all know although we build gorgeous gaming machines there is still a good chance we will be surfing the web or checking our e-mail on the machine.