Connections Specially made cables for symmetrical connection are supplied and normal 6. It seems to push the midrange and mid bass a bit more forward. Almost Like the Blues — Leonard Cohen: Overgrown — James Blake: I tried the it out with USB from Windows 10 and with coax from my Squeezebox touch, and I was not able to tell the difference. Fast forward a couple of weeks later and courtesy of Custom Cable, I have one on my desk.

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I do prefer the Hegel, but by a sennheiser hdvd 800 margin. Sennheiser offers two headphone amplifiers: The sound is almost hyper detailed and somewhat lacking in dynamics. First, the 35 ohm Hifiman HE mk2 sounds surprisingly good. This noisy low-fi song just sounds more relaxed, gentle and refined with the Audio-gd. The massive rotary sounds feels quite similar, but I tend to feel there is more presence to sennheiseg voice of James Blake, there is more texture and nuance with the Violectric rig, and also more shimmer to the cymbals sennheiser hdvd 800 noticeable at the fade-out ending.

Here, the HDVD comes out a tad crisper and cleaner. Sound wise, it’s simply incredible.

Sennheiser HDVD Specs – CNET

They have a bit more bite with the HDVD, but sounds thinner. Its launch sennheiser hdvd 800 was at the same price point as the HDVD, so I expected it to be a step up compared to the Sennheiser. Although this song is quite similar to the previous one, I switch preferences.


The V is a tiny bit more polite and adds some detail. Initially I wasn’t blown away. Sennheiser hdvd 800 W x H x D: It has pace, rhythm and timing, clarity and nuance, great image depth.

Only exception I can imagine would be cheap amps that are to harsh in the highs with HD might be less harsh with the S. As I listen there are clear differences. Now several months later I feel comfortable expressing just what it’s really like sennheiser hdvd 800 in practice, and how it stacks up to other gear.

For the price you might expect to get a “end game” solution, where neither amp nor dac leave anything to be desired. Things are sharper, instruments are very focused, pin-pointed.


This headphone amplifier is indeed a new high end benchmark in headphones listening. The HDVD was certainly voiced with Sennheiser headphones in mind, but it works well with any sennheiser hdvd 800 you might have on hand. The Violectric combo is to me some sort of a head-fi reference.

This makes the HDVD a perfect choice for those building a system around sennheiser hdvd 800 headphones. Otherwise they both perform good. Those wanting to connect a Sennheiser hdvd 800 player or phonostage have the option of balanced XLR analog inputs, while unbalanced RCA inputs offer compatibility with most of your other components. The soundstage delivered by the HDVD is big and open, not getting in the way of the HD headphones giving the listener an immersive experience.


Sennheiser HDVD Headphone Amplifier in Hi-Fi at Audio Affair

WRT amplifier matching, I would be very surprised if it turned out any differently. And it sure did. As Before — Olga Konkova: TheMankoSep 19, Headphones where the impedance is a straight line, like the Audeze LCD-2 shouldn’t be affected at all by this. Hungry Ghost — Hurray for the Riff Raff: Facebook Twitter Pinterest Email Tumblr. Can I sit next to hdbd — Spoon: This live set includes a lot of distinct sennheiser hdvd 800 and easy to follow instruments in a very sennheiser hdvd 800 dimensional way.